Continuing election coverage

By Scott Hamilton

Guest Contributor

Sammamish Comment will provide continuing election coverage over the rest of this month.

King County will post result updates daily around 4:15pm. A direct link should be here. The general landing page is here; then click the View Results icon.

With the lopsided, landslide results posted last night, The Comment won’t be posting return updates as in previous elections. We will update the numbers today and then once a week thereafter.

Christie Malchow won reelection by a 2-1 margin over Karen McKnight. Ken Gamblin defeated Rituja Indapure, also by a 2-1 margin. Kent Treen defeated Karen Howe by a 60%-40% margin.

Little change for final results

These numbers may change slightly; historically, the final returns vary only by about 1%-2% from election night returns.

With a 26% voter turnout in Sammamish reported on election night, The Comment projects the final turnout to be about 52%. Historically, the final turnout about doubles from election night reporting.

This turnout is unusually heavy for an off-year, city council election.

In order for McKnight, Indapure and Howe to overcome the election night deficits, they would have to take between 70% and 80% of the outstanding vote.

Continuing coverage

In the coming days, The Comment will provide analysis of the campaigns; Winners and Losers (beyond the candidates themselves); and future issues analysis.

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