Election Night Results: Landslide sweep for Malchow, Treen, Gamblin

By Scott Hamilton

Guest Contributor

Nov. 5, 2019:  The control-growth candidates for city council have won in a landslide victory.

Christie Malchow has 66.35% of the election night vote. Kent Treen has 59.6% of the vote. Ken Gamblin has 64.8% of the vote.

Election night results historically are within 1%-2% of the final results. The election will be certified Nov. 26.

More election news will be coming tomorrow.

22 thoughts on “Election Night Results: Landslide sweep for Malchow, Treen, Gamblin

  1. The people have spoken. It would be nice if we could stop revisiting this and move forward with fixing our transportation and cleaning house where necessary. It’s time for the dog to wag the tail.

  2. Brilliant! Big thanks to sammamish.news for getting the facts out there for the people to see. I really appreciate your posts.

  3. Ken Gamblin is disgusting. Exactly what Sammamish doesn’t need: a “rich,” entitled, under-educated, transplant baby boomer stuck in his fantastical NJ past, a time and place which has no bearing on us or our future. 2019 Sammamish may remind him of his east coast childhood, but does he even know what this place looked like in the 80s, 90s, 00s? We weren’t even a city back then. You can’t stop the growth and Ken himself is a representative of it himself having lived here less than 5 years (he IS the “problem” he is seeking to solve, wtf!?). He doesn’t know us, understand us, realize what we need, or want to help our children by future proofing our town, equipping it for the REALITY our region is facing. We can’t hid or pretend astronomical growth isn’t occuring, we can’t all cling to the good old days like entitled, ignorant, arrogant Ken Gamblin and his baiting traffic signs. Please, you don’t even know what our traffic was like. Vote Ken Gamblin out! The campaign starts NOW!

    • Umm, Rochelle, isn’t Rituja a transplant, too?

      BTW, unless you are a descendant of a Native American Indian, we’re all transplants.

    • Rochelle, why you are so angry and picking on a guy? Sometimes new look to old problems is a necessity and person who recently moves here might have a better eye on things we all so used to, what we even not bothering to notice.
      And if Sammamish is for growth, then learn to accept transplants! It will be more and more young rich entitled baby boomers and youngsters from generation X, Y and Z around…. Get used to new faces and new mind sets around.

      Your neighbor,
      Transplant from California, before that from Missouri, before that from Pennsylvania, and originally from Europe.

    • Wow. You must be really fun to hang with; a genuinely happy person.

      I love how so many people have just decided that being “rich” is a bad thing. It’s so bizarre. In most situations people who are “rich” are smart, hard working, and successful. Yeah, we don’t want anyone like that running things. Give me the exact opposite, please.

      But thanks for not outing his other signs of the devil…you know, that he’s white and middle age.

    • Wow, aren’t we all transplants? I am. We have a citizen so passionate to take a stand and try to make a difference to better the community for all and that is a bad thing?

      I bet you don’t like legal immigrants either🤦‍♀️

  4. Well put. The message seems to be clear. Let’s get on with whatever needs to be done to help the council fulfill their agenda.

  5. Congratulations to all Sammamish citizens who voted …
    The outside $$ weren’t effective …. the negative flyers are in my recycle garbage cans – where they belong !!
    Let’s support controlled growth and strive to seek sensible solutions to the city’s challenges.
    Hal Abbott

  6. Ken Gamblin does care about children and this area. A home is where you make it. How about being more inclusive and less hateful? I am born and raised in Washington and have no problem with new comers. We need less development. This is the first time in 12 years that we have had black bear in our yard. They have no where to go with all the new construction. New people. New ideas.

  7. The people have spoken. Just as they did 12 years ago when Town Center was zoned.
    Development is not just commercial, it is also people moving into an area and causing home prices to increase and traffic volume to increase. We need food stores and hardware stores. If you oppose this then you need to oppose all growth, business and residential. But all of the folks commenting seem to be very careful not to complain about the Ken Gamblin’s or the Ritugia Indapure’s that are actually the issue. They are the issue. I have been here on the Plateau for almost 40 years. Does that give me more credence to bitch about growth? It is easy to point the finger at Ken Gamblin and his short residency and the fact that he came from New Jersey. ( I will not explain that minor point) but the real issue is how do you manage the growth that we are faced with as we move forward. I do not appreciate the signs that Gamblin put out on the street at the last minute. “Tired of Traffic” Elect me… It is a cheap trick that many politicians use. Did it alter the election. Probably not in this case it says more about his character than anything else.
    Ok Christie, Ken And Kent. Lets see what you have to offer. Christie has had a majority for a few years and not accomplished a thing. Now she will have another majority for another few years.
    Lets hope that they will not sit on their hind ends and try to manipulate the traffic numbers but actually DO something. As Ken Gamblin has stated…..”Tired of traffic?” Elect me. I’ll fix it.

    David Steele

  8. Keep in mind that elected officials are not solely responsible for solving problems. The traffic problems we have are due in no small part to our love affair with the automobile. Some 70% of automobiles carry one occupant, the driver. Many are larger than necessary for the functions they need to perform, so of course they require more space on the road. In addition, relatively few citizens use mass transit, car-pooling or other alternative means of transportation such as e-bikes, bicycling or walking for at least some of their trips. On any given school day, you can witness a scrum of automobiles dropping off and/or picking up children at elementary, middle and high schools for the reason that Johnny or Jill can’t walk or bike to school even though they live within walking distance. Some students who live too far from school to walk or cycle are chauffeured in because they and/or their parents don’t like school busses. As well, people move in herds. They go to work and come back home during a compressed time frame in the am and pm we call “rush hour”. This phenomenon is akin to an airport wherein most of the takeoffs and landings occur within a few hours in the morning and the afternoon. We have Southern California as a model for traffic management. The Southern California model in place since the 1950’s was simply to build more roads. While this model has largely paved over much of the natural beauty of the environment, the traffic has not improved because additional cars fill up the capacity of the new highways faster than they can be constructed. And keep in mind, it’s not only roads that are built, it’s also the parking lots and associated infrastructure that are also required for the luxury of using an automobile. So I will categorically state that until the citizens of Sammamish significantly change their habits regarding the use of automobiles, no elected officials, no matter how talented will be able to improve the traffic conditions in our community.

    • Tom, finally someone who speaks with common sense….sorely lacking in all of the previous comments. We live in a beautiful area with many opportunities in all categories, especially employment….”if you build it, they will come”….and they did. I sincerely hope that the City Council will not ruin the civility and comfort of our lovely city. No one can please everyone, but we do need to have PLANNED growth that meets the needs of most.

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