PDC shows $98,000 record campaign spend by Town Center Developer’s PAC

By Miki Mullor

Latest PDC filings show a record $98,000 spent during this election by Don Gerend’s
“Livable Sammamish” PAC (Political Action Committee), backed by the Town Center developers – making this election the costliest in Sammamish history. “Livable Sammamish” is supporting Karen McKnight, Rituja Indapure and Karen Howe.

Don Gerend

On Oct. 28, Monday last week, Livable Sammamish spent a record $38,872 on a single order of mailers. PDC filings do not show any additional contributions beyond the initial $46,000 it raised on Oct. 15. Instead, the PAC has gone into $67,000 of debt.

Campaign finance laws prohibit raising more than $5,000 at the period of the 21days before the election, which could explain the PAC’s going in to debt in the last week of the election cycle.

Residents-backed PAC “Sammamish Life” has spent $41,000 supporting Christie Malchow, Ken Gamblin and Kent Treen.

7 thoughts on “PDC shows $98,000 record campaign spend by Town Center Developer’s PAC

  1. I continue to try and understand this seemingly never-ending debate between the groups that seem to be at odds over continued – even perhaps – accelerated growth in Sammamish and those who continue to support it. Even giving funds to those who seem to support their objectives.

    Why are there two groups so opposed? Is it possible they have different agendas (duh)?

    I live up here. I like it up here, I need no more neighbors and I certainly don’t need higher taxes. I suspect one group has something to gain, financially and the other just wants to keep things mostly as they are?

    I hope the people of Sammamish are as bright as I think they are and will seek the proper solution and not just the interests of those who might profit from it.

  2. In the old days they would be calling this (buying an election) I don’t see how this is even legal. I’m glad there is a reporter shining a light on this crap.

  3. Yes, thanks, I receive the Sammamish Comment also. Nothing ever changes… they spend money like there’s no tomorrow. 💰💰💰

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