BREAKING NEWS: A split council votes to make the V/C concurrency standard permanent

By Miki Mullor

A split Sammamish City Council voted on Thursday night to make the new V/C concurrency standard permanent.

As we reported, the new standard pauses new development approvals until infrastructure can catch up.

Mayor Christie Malchow, Deputy Mayor Karen Moran and Council Members Tom Hornish and Chris Ross voted for keeping the V/C standard.

Council Members Pam Stuart, Ramiro Valderrama and Jason Ritchie voted against it.

More details about the meeting to be reported on later date.

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14 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: A split council votes to make the V/C concurrency standard permanent

  1. That is wonderful. Maybe it can never get built. Save the trees. No more cars. Thank you to the 4 that voted to make it permanent!

  2. great news!…and thank you Miki for the incredible work regarding the information you put together on this issue…..

    • I echo Mary’s sentiments. It is refreshing to see the horse finally put in front of the cart. Let’s hope that this vote for the citizens of Sammamish is reinforced by the candidates who are elected to the Council with the next election. Growth has to pay for growth.

  3. Finally! Thank you Christie, Karen, Tom, Chris. and Miki. Voters need to remember this in November.

  4. You do realize infrastructure will never catch up. Do you think stopping development will help Sammamish? Just wondering. People forget we live on and island and our congestion is dependent on our neighbors North and South. The bottle necks will not go away so traffic will not get better. The State is not going to change it’s growth standards and if we do not comply we will loose funding we already pay through our taxes. This funding helps us maintain our city.

    • the city is in full compliance with the GMA. Concurrency is a requirement of the GMA. and if indeed infrastructure doesn’t catch up the city is required to prohibit new development and down zone. that’s the state law. let’s hope it doesn’t get to that

    • “The truth shall set you free”: fear-mongering based on unsupported statements grounded in half-truths, distortions, and outright falsehoods unfortunately echo the tone of another prominent leader…

  5. The biggest THANK YOU ever to Christie Malchow, Karen Moran, Tom Hornish, and Chris Ross for your support of this city. The other 3…? Absolutely disgusted.

  6. I think that we need to halt further development until We can get our act together on Infrastructure. The growth in this city is WAY out of control.

  7. Thankfully, smarter heads finally prevailed on the Council. Kudos to the ‘gang of four’. Thank you Christie, Karen, Tom, Chris for listening to Sammamish residents (rather than developers) and you to Miki for keeping this in the forefront of the Council’s decision process.

  8. Thank you to the awesome foursome, once again! Let’s help get the words out in early November to help get Christie (best mayor ever!) re-elected, and also get everyone to vote for Ken Gramblin and Kent Treen. Go Sammamish!

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