Treen, Gamblin file for city council candidacy

By Miki Mullor

Two more candidates filed yesterday for Sammamish City Council candidacy: Ken Gamblin filed for seat 6 opposing Rituja Indapure. Kent Treen filed seat 4, opposing Ryika Hooshangi and Karen Howe. As it stands today, seat 4 will have a primary in August. Both Treen and Gamblin are first time candidates.

The deadline for filing for the election with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission is Friday.

Both Gamblin and Treen have been vocal advocates against over-development.

Ken Gamblin

Gamblin is one of the leaders of the “Save Sammamish” Facebook group, has been active in heated online debates over concurrency and lobbying to city council against over-development.

Gamblin is the publisher of the Sammamish Neighbors Magazine, a member of the Sammamish Rotary Club, former board member of the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce and holds a B.A degree in Business Administration and Finance.

Treen, and his wife Debbie Treen, the former Mayor of Bothell, also have been giving regular public comments to city council in favor of restraining development and for the environment.

Treen earned a master’s degree in Education and currently works for the
Bellevue School District with at-risk students. He has an associate degree in Forestry and is restoring a wetland on his property through a joint project with the City of Sammamish and Sammamish Stormwater Stewards.

Gamblin has been a member of the Sammamish Comment editorial board. Treen’s wife, Debbie, also has been a member of the editorial board. Both resigned from their positions yesterday.

Residents who are interested in filling the open seats on The Comment’s editorial board are invited to apply by contacting the editor through the Tip Line.

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2 thoughts on “Treen, Gamblin file for city council candidacy

  1. Yes!!! Finally candidates that I can root for. Thank you Mr. Gamblin and Mr. Treen! We need a city council that will put in a moratorium on ALL new development in Sammamish, except to replace existing structure on a one-for-one basis. The traffic to get on/off the plateau is simply ridiculous.

  2. Great news that we have 2 new candidates running to protect Sammamish from overdevelopment. Thank you Mr. Treen and Mr. Gamblin for stepping up to run for council. You have my support.

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