2019 city council candidates list finalized; No primaries this year

By Miki Mullor

With the May 17, 2019 candidate filing deadline now past, the 2019 Sammamish City Council election will have six candidates running for three seats. A seventh candidate, Ryika Hooshanghi, withdrew her candidacy.

No Primaries

With only two candidates vying for each seat, Sammamish will not have primaries this year.

The final candidate list for the November 2019 elections:

  • Seat 2: Christie Malchow (incumbent), Karen McKnight
  • Seat 4: Kare Howe, Kent Treen
  • Seat 6: Ken Gamblin, Rituja Indapure

Malchow is currently serving her first term on the council. Indapure is currently serving her first term on the Planning Commission (an appointed position).

Howe was a candidate for city council in the 2017 elections but lost to Deputy Mayor Karen Moran. Howe also ran this year for a Board of Supervisor seat  with King Conservation District.

Hooshangi withdraws
Ryika Hooshangi

On Friday afternoon Hooshangi withdrew her candidacy. She was a candidate for City Council in 2017 but lost in the primaries to Council Member Chris Ross and Planning Commissioner Rituja Indapure.

Currently Hooshangi  serves as a Commissioner on the Plateau Water and Sewer District, appointed to replace Moran who was elected to City Council.  

“I was honored to have the support and endorsement of four of our current City Council members and so many citizens of Sammamish. It was a tough decision, however, at this time I want to continue serving residents in my current role as Commissioner, ensuring clean and safe water for our community.” – said Hooshangi.

Hooshangi is running for her water commissioner seat in the November 2019 elections.

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