Hornish will not seek re-election

By Miki Mullor

Council Member Tom Hornish

Council Member Tom Hornish announced today on Facebook that he will not seek re-election. Hornish will complete his first term at the end of this year:

To the great citizens of Sammamish:

I will not be running for re-election for my city council seat. These short 3 1/2 years have been very fulfilling and rewarding, and I wish to thank the citizens of Sammamish for the opportunity to serve you.

I feel that I’ve been a part of turning the ship, and I believe we’re starting to get our great city headed in a better direction. I only wish I had the capacity to continue in the process, but I now leave it in the hands of the citizens to elect those individuals to address your concerns going forward in the way you desire.

I will continue to serve you, the Sammamish citizens, in a way I believe most of you wish until December of this year. Thanks again for your support; it’s been a great ride!

Tom Hornish
Sammamish City Council

2 thoughts on “Hornish will not seek re-election

  1. This is a huge, huge loss for Sammamish. Tom Hornish has been one of the strongest advocates for current Sammamish residents against the tide of over development. We really need him to run again. We are now left with Rituja Indapure as the only candidate for his seat, and she is a big advocate of max development despite claiming to “love trees”. Indapure is part of the planning council that gave us the horrible 200+ page Sammamish development plan last year that called for addition of thousands of new homes to Sammamish to address “housing needs” without once mentioning traffic. Exactly whose needs was that report addressing? Current residents of Sammamish do not “need” more housing, we already HAVE housing!

    Please reconsider, Tom. Sammamish needs you!

  2. The city should have never been allowed to incorporate in the first place. It was a big mistake. Make SE 8th the dividing line and transfer the Northern part to Redmond and everything South to Issaquah. This would save us a lot of problembs.

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