Council keeps the Moratorium on the Town Center

On a 4 /3 split, City Council Tuesday night voted to keep the moratorium on the Town Center.

Mayor Malchow, Deputy mayor Moran and Council members Hornish and Ross voted to keep the moratorium.

Council members Ritchie, Stuart and Valderrama voted to lift it.

On a second matter related to exempting 65 homes from the new interim design regulations the council decided to delay a vote until the public hearing on November 6.

More details to follow.

6 thoughts on “Council keeps the Moratorium on the Town Center

  1. Miki,

    Thanks for all your work on this. Attached are the only 2 responses I received on my email to the council.

    Steve Martin

  2. I thought it was 65 different properties in the que regarding whether or not they should now be subject to the new interim design regulations, not 65 specific homes. 65 properties could be an untold number of actual homes, big difference. Your clarification is appreciated.

    • Gary,

      It was 65 dwelling units. However, the language of the ordinance is changing that impacts the number. At some point during the last meeting staff told council that the number is climbing to 108 units.

      so we will have to see what the final language is.

      • So not very many actual properties. Virtually every housing project going in has been in the 10-30 units range. So this must be 6-10 properties in the planning approval que

  3. Thank you, Council, for being rational about the traffic and related issues. We already have gridlock all over the plateau, at all times of the day and evening. Moreover, I encourage anyone who is interested to drive Southeast 4th and see the destruction and disruption created by all of this development. We are stuck with this mess of mud, dudt, potholes, cracked asphalt, and closed roads for the next two years. Your neighborhoods will be next!

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