Final Nov. 7 election results

Final vote counting in the Nov. 7 election confirmed election night results and Sammamish Comment’s projected winners.

Vote tallies for Positions 1, 3 and 7 were within one percentage point from election night to the final results.

Tallies in Position 5 narrowed almost two points. Winner Chris Ross on election night pulled 54.65% of the vote to Rituja Indapure’s 45.35%. By the final tally, the percentages were 52.77% and 47.17% respectively.

The detailed chart is below.

Turnout in Sammamish was 45%, about the same as historically for City Council races. Early indications from the ballot drop box at City Hall, which had to be emptied several times, suggest turnout might top out at about 52%, but it was not to be.

There are 36,136 registered voters; 16,371 voted. The votes declined the farther down the ballot, and City Council is a down-ballot race.

The top voting race for Council was Position 5, the Ross-Indapure race, with 15,125 votes cast. This represents a voter participation of 41.9%. The other three races were slightly less.

King County District 3

There was less than a percent point difference in election night vs final results. Incumbent Kathy Lambert was reelected to a fourth term.

45th Legislative District

Likewise, there was little change in the 45th district State Senate race, with about a one-half percentage point difference from election night to final results. Manka Dhingra, the Democrat, won, flipping the seat from Republican to Democrat and with it control of the State Senate.

Precinct analysis

Sammamish Comment will provide detailed precinct analysis in the coming days.

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