Council rejects Sahalee Way design contract

City_of_SammamishThe Sammamish City Council rejected a $1.57m design contract for Sahalee Way.

Voting to approve it were Tom Odell, Deputy Mayor Bob Keller and Kathy Huckabay.

Opposing were Ramiro Valderrama, Tom Hornish, Christie Malchow and Mayor Don Gerend.

“We mismanaged the messaging, again, that went out to our citizens,” Malchow complained. “They deserve to know” this won’t fix congestion. “It’s about safety. I’m struggling how off we were on the messaging. We should have been clear that we can’t get you to SR202 faster.”

Gerend said he has a lot of problems with this plan, including a need to prioritize this project within citywide projects.

Sammamish Comment will provide an analysis on this later this week.

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