Keller named Deputy Mayor

City_of_SammamishCouncil Member Bob Keller was named Deputy Mayor of the Sammamish City Council, as expected.

He replaces Ramiro Valderrama, who held the post for the past year. The Deputy Mayor position is selected annually.


Bob Keller, the new Deputy Mayor of Sammamish.

Member Ton Hornish nominated Christie Malchow. Member Tom Odell nominated Bob Keller.

Hornish noted that Keller and Mayor Don Gerend are both up for election this year and he feels both leadership positions should not be up in the same election cycle.

Odell said the city is “blessed” to have two good candidates for Deputy Mayor. Keller and Malchow have been work horses, and Keller has been on the Council for three years, Odell said. His work for the city predates incorporation, and for Odell this is why he supports Keller. Odell believes Malchow is a future Deputy Mayor.

Huckabay supported Keller for his greater experience than Malchow, who has been on the council one year.

Gerend, the deciding vote, said Malchow is “incredibly responsive” to citizens. Keller, Gerend, noted, has been on the Planning Advisory Board and Planning Commission before Council.

Malchow was defeated 3-4, with Hornish, Valderrama and Malchow supporting her candidacy. With that, a unanimous vote in favor of Keller was made.

Odell and Keller praised Valderrama’s service.

Keller praised Malchow’s work and service of her first year on Council.


3 thoughts on “Keller named Deputy Mayor

  1. Thanks, Scott. As expected, with the twist of Christie’s nomination. Gerend is correct in his observation that Christie is “incredibly responsive”. Everyone was quite gracious. Sorry I missed saying hi at the meeting.

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