Breaking News 1: King County Election results delayed until…when?

King County Election results were supposed to be posted on the website by 8:15pm. It’s 8:30 and no results on the website. Sammamish Comment called and was advised there is a “glitch” in posting the results and there is no estimate when these will be posted.

Meantime, US Rep. Dave Reichert (R-8th) jumped to a winning lead in the rest of the 8th Congressional District outside King County, with a 65% margin over Tony Ventrella. Reichert, the incumbent, is projected by The Comment to be the winner. The 8th includes Sammamish.

In Pierce County, Proposition 1-Sound Transit 3 is losing 55% to 45%.

In Snohomish County, ST3 is winning 51.2% to 48.4%.

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