Election Night coverage

Today is Election Day. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked today. You may drop your ballot at the Sammamish City Hall until 8pm.

The Seattle media will cover Washington results, but Sammamish Comment will provide focus on four elections tonight:

  • 5th, 41st and 45th Legislative Districts; and
  • Proposition 1, the Sound Transit referendum.

The three LDs include parts of Sammamish.

The 5th includes the greater Klahanie area. The 45th covers the northern half of Sammamish from roughly SE 8th St. The 41st encompasses the southern half from SE8th.

State Senate races in the 5th and 41st were already too close to project from the August primary. Mark Mullett, the incumbent Democrat in the 5th, barely outpaced his Republican challenger. In the 41st, the incumbent Republican, Steve Litzow, barely trailed his challenger. The Senate was already split 25-24 in Republican control.

With the death last month of State Sen. Andy Hill (R-45th), control of the Senate is even more tenuous.

In the 45th, Sammamish Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama is running as a Republican against incumbent Democrat Roger Goodman. Goodman won 62% of the vote in the beauty contest in August. He should cruise to victory today.

The Comment published the detailed final results of the primary and added projections for the likely winners in today’s election. The post may be found here.

Today’s election includes Proposition 1, more commonly known as Sound Transit 3. This is the $27bn tax hike to build $54bn in mass transit services over the next 25 years.

Results for King County voting today will be posted initially by the Elections division at about 8:15pm. This link is here. The King County results for ST3 will not include those votes from Pierce and Snohomish counties, which are part of Sound Transit, nor votes for any state-wide office from outside King County. The Comment will collect results from all three counties to post here. Sammamish is in Sound Transit and its citizens will be voting whether to approve ST3.

State-wide results for all elective offices on the ballot this year, from president, Congress and US Senator to insurance commissioner, plus several state-wide initiatives, can be found here.

King County (as well as other counties) and the State will update results daily at the end of the day, excluding the Thanksgiving holiday. Final results will be certified Nov. 29.

Precinct breakdowns will be available the following day. The Comment will look at the three LD elections and the ST3 proposition in Sammamish to see how citizens voted on these specific races and publish after the precinct analysis is complete.




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