Breaking News: ST3 projected to win; Goodman defeats Valderrama; Rodne upended in too close to call race

Sound Transit 3, the $54bn mass transit project that will raise taxes by $27bn, carried 55% of the vote on the strength of a large approval in King County. Sammamish Comment projects that ST3 will win when all votes are counted by Nov. 29.

Sammamish Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama lost his bid to unseat Democrat Roger Goodman for a House seat in the 45th Legislative District, which included the northern end of Sammamish.

In what may be an upset, incumbent Republican Jay Rodne–who walked away with the beauty contest in the August primary against newcomer Jason Ritchie for hisHouse seat in the 5th LD–trails Ritchie by 400 votes in what is now too close to call.


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The other House seat in the 5th is also too close to call. Darcy Burner, a Democrat who lost three previous tries at elective office and who was thumped by Paul Graves in the primary, trails by just 250 votes.

State Sen. Mark Mullet, the incumbent Democrat seeking his second term, was in a too close to call beauty contest against his GOP opponent, Chad Magendanz. Mullet leads with 53% of the vote.

Sammamish Comment projects he will retain he lead and win reelection.

Historically, election night results indicate what the final result will be when votes are certified nearly three weeks later.

Since the 1999 Sammamish incorporation election, the local final vote totals haven’t varied more than 1%-2%, and typically at the lower end. Percentages varied more widely in King County and Statewide in some races.

41st District (Southern Sammamish)

State Sen. Steve Litzow, a moderate Republican, has lost his bid for reelection. He trials Lisa Wellman 55% to 45%. Wellman, a Democrat, joins Democratic incumbents Judy Clibborn and Tana Senn in representing the 41st. Clibborn and Senn, in the House, easily defeated their opponents.

45th District (Northern Sammamish)

Valderrama was easily defeated by the five-term Democraft Goodman. Goodman improved on his primary night beauty contest in which he then collected 62% of the vote. Tonight he came away with 65.63% of the vote.

The reason there is such a long time between the election night and certification–this year, the State certifies the vote totals Nov. 29–is because Washington is a mail-in state. Officials have to wait for ballots mailed on Nov. 8 to return to election officials across the State and for ballots to arrive fro ExPats and Military personnel from overseas.

The 8th Congressional District starts in King County and goes into central Washington.

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