Candidates for 8th Congressional, Sammamish’s Legislative Districts file for November election

Candidates for state and federal elections across Washington filed for office last week.

Sammamish is included in the 8th Congressional District, which now stretches across the Eastside, over the mountains and to Wenatchee–a safe Republican seat. But there were a number of challengers to incumbent Dave Reichert, a Republican.

Sammamish is also included in the 5th, 41st and 45th Legislative districts for the state Legislature.

The 5th includes the Klahanie area. With Sammamish’s annexation of Klahanie, we regain the 5th, which had been removed from Sammamish in the 2010 redistricting. The 41st encompasses the southern half of Sammamish, roughly from SE 8th. The 45th has the northern half.

The following details who has filed for what. Where there are only two candidates, or in two cases, unopposed candidates, these names will not appear on the August primary ballot–only the November general election. Where there are three or more candidates, this will be winnowed down to two in August for the November general.


Click on image, then click on it a second time to enlarge.

Washington’s elections are the Top Two, regardless of party. In practice, this continues to be one Republican and one Democrat, at least here in the Seattle area. The candidates indicate their preferred party. The chart simply indicates the party, without the “preferred” that will appear on the ballot. The incumbent is denoted with an (I).

The “WFP” next to Jason Ritchie’s name stands for Working Family Party, an obscure progressive party that supports presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Ramiro Valderrama is currently deputy mayor of Sammamish. He intends to continue serving on the City Council if he is elected to the Legislature.

In the 5th LD, Chad Magendanz currently is a Representative. He is giving up his seat to challenge Mark Mullet for the Senate seat.

Also in the 5th, Darcy Burner previously ran for Congress, unsuccessfully.


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