Sammamish Legislator proposes eminent domain restriction

State Rep. Larry Springer (D-45th) has introduced a bill in the Legislature that would restrict government’s ability to condemn property and resell it for commercial purposes. Springer represents the northern end of Sammamish.

The Sammamish Review has this story.

I proposed such a restriction in testimony during public comment before the City Council as a protection for homeowners in the Town Center. The City Council rejected the recommendation.

1 thought on “Sammamish Legislator proposes eminent domain restriction

  1. Of course they recommeded to reject the proposal, after all, the greater good of the many outweighs the rights of the few. How else could they take your property if you don’t want to sell or if you just tell them no thanks, not interested.

    What’s the big deal, my property is not in the city center. I don’t care, along with most of the other citizens, if they take your property – it doesn’t impact me.

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