Protecting neighborhoods and televising more meetings

Sammamish has a major controversy over whether to remove barriers to increase traffic connectivity. Among the concerns neighborhoods have in removing barriers are speeding cars.

Here’s one solution.

  • Sammamish has decided to start televising planning commission and city council workshop meetings. This is long overdue and was urged by the Planning Commission a few years ago in a formal proposal, but kudos to the city for at long last proceeding down this road (the barricades were finally removed, apparently). This will improve communication between the city government and its citizens.

2 thoughts on “Protecting neighborhoods and televising more meetings

  1. Let’s see, you bought a house near a barrier and at that time had to drive an extra mile or two to get to I-90… now you want the barrier removed because it impacts your commute time and you use more gas. You didn’t consider that when you bought the house, right?

    Of course that makes the person who bought the house where the barrier is the bad guy because he wants the barrier to stay there, since that was what made the house appealing. Maybe that’s why I bought a house at the end of a cul de sac. They should tear my neighbor’s house down so you could drive through to your house, right?

    Sounds like more meetings should be held to discuss this, after all, it impacts your quality of life having to drive your ecologically sensitive Escalade a few miles less every year to save the environment…

  2. We could use one of those helicopters over here on SE 32nd street because we sure don’t have
    any police officers enforcing the speed limit. So much for the nice quiet neighborhood street the City Manager ignorantly boasted about. Welcome to Sammamish, where the only limit on speed is the kind of car you drive

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