Former Mayor Gerend’s lawsuit postponed for 90 days

By Miki Mullor

The Growth Management Hearing Board (GMBH) has continued (postponed) Don Gerend’s lawsuit to invalidate the new concurrency rules enacted by the majority of City Council.

Don Gerend

“Mr. Gerend’s attorney contacted the city’s attorney to see if the city wanted to enter into a continuance of the Growth Board case.  After becoming aware of the discussion during the Council’s Special Meeting on August 20, Mr. Gerend’s attorney indicated an interest in the Council’s upcoming discussions about concurrency to see if that may resolve the concerns in his Growth Board case. ” said Sharon Gavin, Sammamish Communications Manager.

As we reported, the August 20 Special Meeting was called to review the unexpected issuance of concurrency certificates to STCA Phase 1 development project in the Town Center.

The case was scheduled for a hearing in Council Chambers in City Hall on December 5, 2019. It is now scheduled for March 6.

The parties were due to submit their briefs and outlines their positions before the upcoming elections. With the postponement, these briefs are not due until after the election.

“City Manager Rick Rudometkin talked with the city’s attorney and decided to agree to the 90-day extension,” added Gavin.  

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1 thought on “Former Mayor Gerend’s lawsuit postponed for 90 days

  1. The “unexpected approval” by a [edited] employee needs to be rescinded. Sammamish absolutely cannot afford to build the Town Center. It will turn 228th into a parking lot and make the Y so overcrowded it is no longer usable. [edited as violation of Reader Comment rules.]

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