Comp Plan changes may be proposed; Oct. 1 deadline

Parties interested in proposing changes to the Sammamish Comprehensive Plan have until Oct. 1 to submit what’s called a Docket Request to the city.

Changes sought may be for anything in the Comp Plan: zoning, environmental, housing, transportation or any other policies; .

Zoning changes may be for up-zoning and down-zoning.

Anyone may propose a Comp Plan amendment.

Requests may be as arcane as asking for a height limit change on buildings to as complex as asking for a down-zoning or up-zoning of the entire Town Center.

Initial information about the Comp Plan change process may be found here. It’s a complex process and anyone wanting to propose a change will likely need to talk with a staff member for help.

The Sammamish Planning Commission at its July 19 meeting unanimously voted to consider up-zoning of the Town Center to allow more housing.

A year ago, Town Center developer STCA was prepared to propose a Comp Plan amendment to up-zone residential, commercial, retail and office space zoning. Council members quietly killed this before a Docket Request was filed. It’s unclear if STCA will propose a new Docket Request, but the planning commission action may well be the first stage.

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