Sammamish extends building moratorium

The Sammamish City Council extended the building moratorium to allow staff and the council to complete a revised traffic concurrency plan by July. The Town Center was not exempted.

The vote was 7-0.

Council member Jason Ritchie said STCA, a developer of the Town Center, “will be fine either way.”

But he expressed concern about the individual homeowners being prevented from building.

Member Ramiro Valderrama was “uncomfortable” voting tonight because he needed more information. He also said he wanted to see a plan completed by this month. Now, there is a new element of uncertainty for concurrency planning.

Deputy Mayor Tom Hornish said pre-application meetings should be allowed even during the building moratorium so they are ready to go once the moratorium is lifted.

Valderrama asked the council to allow an exemption for short plats–projects of nine homes or less. Member Pam Stuart opposed the exemption in order to remain “laser-focused” toward the end result.

The council voted 1-6 to reconsider the ordinance for this exemption.



2 thoughts on “Sammamish extends building moratorium

  1. There were two major issues during the last election for the Sammamish Council – the rate of development and the increase in traffic.
    The former is directly related to the increase in traffic congestion. It also affects the rate of deforestation on the Sammamish Plateau – another important issue for residents of the community. The Council made the correct decision last night to retain the moratorium for another 6 months to allow additional time for the process currently under way to review the concurrency model, continue to develop the Transportation Master Plan, and to flesh out a feasible and fundable Transportation Improvement Plan and schedule.
    To not have done so would have increased the probability of increased congestion and Sammamish becoming increasingly unlivable.
    Again, congratulations to the Council for making the correct decision last night. It was in the best interest of all who will continue to live here.

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