Election coverage begins today

Sammamish Comment’s coverage of the November 7 election begins later today with a report from last night’s City Council candidates forum.

Here’s what we have planned so far, leading up to the election. The schedule is subject to change and additions:

The week of October 2: Publication of Candidate Questionnaires.

  • Oct. 2: Position 1, Mark Baughman and Jason Ritchie
  • Oct. 3: Position 3, Karen Howe and Karen Moran
  • Oct 4: Position 5, Rituja Indapure and Chris Ross
  • Oct. 5: Position 7, John Robinson and Pam Stuart


  • Oct. 10 and 11: King County Council District 3 candidate questionnaires, Kathy Lambert and John Murphy.

Oct. 18, King County Elections mails ballots.

  • Oct. 18: Position 1 endorsement.
  • Oct. 19: Position 3 endorsement.
  • Oct. 20: Position 5 endorsement.
  • Oct. 21: Position 7 endorsement.
  • Oct. 22: King County District 3 endorsement.

As noted, there may be (and probably will be) additional election coverage during this period.

There will be election night coverage and election result updates, along with a precinct analysis, throughout November.

During December, Sammamish Comment will have some reporting remaining in our History series.

On Dec. 31, Sammamish Comment will wrap up its operations, as announced in August 2016. See “About” for more information.

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