Position 5: Candidate statements, Sammamish City Council

Today the three candidates for Sammamish City Council Position 5 provide their opening statements. The Top 2 vote-getters in the Aug. 1 primary advance to the Nov. 7 general election.

Questions Asked

  1. A short bio, including your current employment
  2. How long you have lived in Sammamish
  3. Any civic activities you’ve engaged in.
  4. Your top 3 issues for your campaign.
  5. Your website.

Ryika Hooshangi

Sammamish Residency: A little over 4 years

Website: www.Ryika.com

Ryika Hooshangi

I’m a native Washingtonian, born and raised in Redmond. I attended college in Washington D.C., where I received my bachelor’s degree in political science from the George Washington University and law degree from the Catholic University. I had the privilege of serving in the U.S. Government as an attorney and diplomat for the Department of State for over 10 years, advising our embassies abroad on legal and security matters.

I also spent two years as a Brookings Institution Fellow in the U.S. Senate and Senate Finance Committee, working closely on issues ranging from immigration to technology to international trade. I’ve seen the right way and not so right way to craft policy solutions and want to bring what I’ve learned to the Sammamish City Council.

I have travelled throughout the country and nearly every corner of the world, but never found a better place than Washington State to raise a family. That’s why my husband Mark and I moved across the country to Sammamish when it was time to start a family. Today, with our four-year old daughter Noor and baby boy on the way we are proud to call Sammamish our home.

Current Employment and Civic ActivitiesSince returning to the Pacific Northwest, I’ve welcomed being a stay-at-home mom, but also continue working as an attorney and have taught at the University of Washington. Additionally, I serve as Chairman of a local non-profit, the Borgen Project, helping to alleviate global poverty; and as an advisor to the University of Washington, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC) program. I also volunteer as much as I can in this great community we call home.

Top 3 Issues: There is no better place in the world to raise a family than Sammamish. The community, the schools, and the natural splendor of our city are unrivaled. The challenge we face is protecting what makes this community so special in the midst of unprecedented growth and development.  1. Balancing growth with our environment, while expanding infrastructure 2. Fiscal Responsibility 3. Maintaining the safety of our community

Rituja Indapure  

Rituja Indapure

I am public school parent, tech industry professional and community volunteer. Raised in India, and initially trained as a lawyer, my husband and I moved to Sammamish to raise our family and pursue a career in the tech industry. I have always believed in the value of giving back to my community. That’s why I got involved my kids’ school first as a Treasurer at Challenger Elementary and then as co-president of the Beaver Lake PTSA. With Amrita Seattle (Teen Feed program) I volunteer to support homeless youth and with the non-profit Tasveer, I work to promote arts and culture throughout King County – particularly in underrepresented and diverse communities.

In addition to my active community work, I have worked as a software engineer with local high tech companies, and currently am at Costco as a Senior Analyst.

I have lived in Washington State for almost 20 years, and a Klahanie resident for the past 15 years.

I am on the board of The Seattle Globalist, on the Speakers Bureau of Humanities Washington. I regularly volunteer with Tasveer, United Way, Teen Feed, local schools and other non-profits. I am also on the Costco Volunteer Board and a United Way Ambassador. I have been a PTSA Board member.

Top Issues:

  • Protect and be a good steward of our natural habitats;
  • Combat traffic by advocating for alternative transportation options; and
  • Maintain the character of our community and diverse neighborhoods by supporting sensible growth.

Website: www.electrituja.com

Chris Ross

Chris Ross

Chris was born in Bellevue and has resided in eastside communities his entire life except while attending college and time in Chicago establishing and maturing Boeing’s World Headquarters.  He is a Senior Financial Analyst with the Boeing Company responsible for planning and integrating their long-term real property capital requirements. Chris’ formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in business with concentrations in accounting and finance plus a minor in economics from Washington State University, a Master of Business Administration from Seattle University, and he is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program. Chris lives with his wife, Shan, and they have four adult children.

Residence in Sammamish: 7 Years

Civic Activities: Chris is an active member of Sammamish Kiwanis serving as a director, member of Citizens for Sammamish, and attends city and civic meetings.  His previous community involvement included membership of Kirkland Downtown on the Lake (Kirkland’s main street organization), membership of the Kirkland Human Services Advisory Committee (appointed by the Kirkland City Council), President of the Juanita Soccer Club, soccer coach, and Director of Condo Associations including the role as Treasurer.

Top 3 Issues

  • Traffic
  • Managing growth while preserving the environment
  • Fiscal responsibility

Website: www.rossforcouncil.com




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