Sammamish Review to cease operations Feb. 24

The Sammamish Review and three sister publications ceases operations Feb. 24.

The Sammamish Review will cease operations Feb. 24.

So will the Issaquah Press, SnoValley Star (Snoqualmie) and the Newcastle News. All are part of the Issaquah Press Group, which in turn is owned by The Seattle Times.

The Group made the announcement today.

The Issaquah Press pursued some important stories in recent years, including the problems at the Issaquah Senior Center and Issaquah’s water problems. Included in the latter was the discovering of a toxic chemical with the acronym PFOS.

City officials knew of the issue for a few years, but it took the Issaquah Press to report the story in depth after a New York Times Magazine article made passing reference to the presence of the chemical.

The Sammamish Review largely as a benign paper with no investigative propensities.

The Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter will be the only newspaper covering Issaquah and Sammamish on a dedicated basis.

2 thoughts on “Sammamish Review to cease operations Feb. 24

  1. What a shame!! First the news that Scott Hamilton will be leaving town, and now the loss of our “watchdog newspapers”. I hope the Times will upgrade and expand the poor coverage they give to the Eastside, as there is no other way for local citizens to get the facts.

  2. … and they break the news that Gerend and Keller aren’t running for re-election!

    Your label of “sunshine news” for the SR was pretty appropriate… someone from Harry Shedd’s group should keep the spotlight on city hall once you move on.

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