Gerend, Keller won’t run for reelection

In a dying gasp, The Sammamish Review reported that Mayor Don Gerend and Deputy Mayor Bob Keller won’t run for reelection.

The story is here.

They announced the same day The Review’s parent company said it will cease operations Feb. 24.

1 thought on “Gerend, Keller won’t run for reelection

  1. Mayor Gerend submitted his Mayor’s Message in Dec. 2016 painting a bleak future meeting the upcoming revenue to run the City. Many times the residents of Sammamish received in the past sixteen years the polished slogan “We are financially sound and have a great rating”! What happen?

    The State is using our homes like ATM machines. If the bedroom community is the only source for revenue ,the situation could go south very fast. Have we arrived? Taking on all the road projects, parks,

    etc. and no real infrastructure in place is living on borrowed times. Yikes.

    H. W. Maine


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