Final Nov. 3 Sammamish City Council Results

The final results of the Nov. 3 Sammamish City Council election confirm Christie Malchow, Ramiro Valderrama and Tom Hornish the winners over Mark Cross, Hank Klein and Tom Vance.Final Results 2015

King County Elections posted the results shortly after 4pm today.

As Sammamish Comment reported on Election Night in calling the winners as noted above, the final results didn’t vary more than 1%-2% from Election Night. The three winners increased their vote tally margin daily until returned ballots trickled out.

  • Malchow’s percentage margin of victory finished 0.76% within the Election Night result.
  • Valderrama’s final percentage margin was within 0.59% of the Election Night.
  • Hornish’s winning margin was within 1.07% of the Election Night result.

The three will be sworn in at the first City Council meeting of the new year, Jan. 4.

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