One week to vote certification: ballot counting all but over

Nov 16 update

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With one week to go to the certification of the Nov. 3 election, ballot counting is all but over in the Sammamish City Council races.

Only 10 votes were added to the count from Friday to Monday. Christie Malchow, Ramiro Valderrama and Tom Hornish added two, three and four votes respectively to their total gap over their opponents, Mark Cross, Hank Klein and Tom Vance. Vance and Cross have yet to concede to Hornish and Malchow.

Only two more ballots were received from Sammamish Monday, the first since last Thursday. There are about 200 ballots still to be counted, but not all voters have been voting in the City Council races.

At this point, about 33% of Sammamish voters voted in the City Council races.

King County continues to post daily updates on the county-wide races, but with little new to report–and certainly no upset of the Election Night results–Sammamish Comment’s next election update will be the final certification on Nov. 24.

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