League of Women Voters Sammamish Council Candidate Profile

  • Ballots will soon be the in the hands of Sammamish voters for the City Council election Nov. 3 (and other races). The ballots are being mailed this week by King County Elections. Sammamish Comment has been posting throughout October about issues, candidate profiles and candidate endorsements. Be sure to mark your ballots and postmark them by Nov. 3.

The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan organization, published candidate responses and profiles for the Sammamish City Council races, Positions 2, 4 and 6, on Vote411.org. The site is difficult to navigate and to find races in which the viewer is interested.

Sammamish Comment extracted the City Council races for ease of viewing in put them into a PDF file which you may download here: LWV Sammamish Candidate Profiles. This is current as of last week.

The LWV did not note that Hank Klein, who filed for Position 4 against Ramiro Valderrama, subsequently withdrew from the race, but too late to remove his name from the ballot. Sammamish Comment made this notation in his slot. Other than this notation and adding some spacing for readability, the LWV document is unaltered by The Comment.

The LWV noted that Mark Cross, candidate for Position 2 vs Christie Malchow, did not respond to any of the questions. The Comment finds this remarkable, and not in a good way. As with Cross’ own campaign website, which is notable in its lack of information, failing to respond to the LWV is a disservice to the voters of Sammamish.





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