Election results, Initiative for Sammamish

Incumbents either won or were leading in Washington State elections Tuesday night (and in today’s update). Only one really has any relevance to Sammamish of any consequence: the State Senate race in the 45th Legislative District where incumbent Republican Andy Hill faced off with challenger Democrat Matt Isenhower. Hill is leading 53% to 47%. Although at this writing I haven’t seen a concession from Isenhower, I’m declaring Hill the winner. Historically final vote results don’t vary more than a percentage point from the election night.

Why is this one race of significance to Sammamish? Because Mayor Tom Vance, Deputy Mayor Kathy Huckabay and Councilmember Tom Odell endorsed Isenhower. Vance appeared in a mailer for Isenhower.

Councilmember Ramiro Valderrama endorsed Hill. I don’t know if the other councilmembers endorsed either candidate.

Before the 45th District lines were redrawn, there were only eight precincts out of the city (the far north end) within the 45th. After the realignment, the 45th comes all the way down to SE 8th.

Hill sponsored legislation advocated by Sammamish to deprive Issaquah of tax revenue in the event it annexed Klahanie, intended to ease the transition. Vance and Councilmember Don Gerend testified for the bill. The resulting uproar over the effort killed the bill before it even got out of committee, and the tactic was widely condemned.

Vance and Huckabay are declared Democrats, so in a way their endorsement shouldn’t be a surprise. I’ve never heard Odell declare party affiliation.

But having done the city’s bidding (though one councilmember didn’t think Hill worked all that hard for it), the council leadership and a third member endorsed his opponent.

I understand Hill was less than pleased.

When the 45th encompassed only eight city precincts, none of the legislators paid much attention to Sammamish, and city officials turned more to those whose district did encompass most of the city (at the time, the 5th LD, which has since been gerrymandered to include Klahanie but not the rest of the city; the 41st LD now covers the south end).

Having thoroughly pissed off Hill through some political ineptitude, the city is unlikely to find a welcome reception from him in the future.


The drive to give Sammamish residents the right to Initiative is resuming. Citizens for Sammamish is renewing its effort to force the City Council to approve this right.

The last time was in 2012.

At least four members of the Council are on record opposing the Initiative, citing the abuse at the state level. I’m split, as I wrote in 2012.

But there is one change since then. While councilmembers didn’t want to hold Town Hall meetings, this council is scheduling one in January to discuss the Initiative.


5 thoughts on “Election results, Initiative for Sammamish

  1. Sammamish started out as a city run by conservatives. Things were pretty good. Now that it’s more run by leftists, things seem to be less than. One problem I see is that each member is elected by the whole city, making each one responsible to no one in particular. Time to change that. Sammamish should follow the lead of Seattle, which voted in some months back a change to having neighborhood districts instead of at-large all seats. When you vote for a representative for your neighborhood, they are each more responsive to you the citizen. Time to change this and get more accountability from your representatives. Ready, set, go

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  3. Andy spent a lot of time in the 45th area of Sammamish. I personally ran into him twice doorbelling on his bike. I for one is glad he got re-elected.

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