All hope gone for Klahanie annexation supporters: only 3 votes counted today, “Against” still leads; final results Monday

If there was any last-ditch hope by supporters that remaining votes would bring an affirmative vote to annex the Klahanie Potential Annexation Area to Issaquah, it’s gone.

Today’s vote count (Friday, Feb. 21) saw only three more votes added to the tally–one for the “Against Annexation” side and two for the “For Annexation” side. The vote now is 1,534 Against Annexation and 1,504 “For Annexation.” The spread narrowed one vote to 30 and the percentages are now 50.49% Against Annexation and 49.51% For Annexation. This is outside the requirement of 0.25% for a mandatory recount.

The election is certified on Monday. There could be a couple more votes come in, but hardly enough to change the outcome.

Now it’s up to Issaquah’s City Council to throw in the towel and give up the Klahanie PAA to Sammamish.

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