Highest cost estimate on Community Center a big concern

The news that the proposed Sammamish/YMCA community center is already $4m over the price presented to voters is a real concern.

With only 30 percent of the project designed, city officials hope that when 60% is designed, costs will be fined-tuned and closer to the $30m taxpayers were told this project would cost.

I’m not so sanguine.

Buildings and construction projects seem to have a habit of gaining costs. Unknown unknowns can add to the cost. Project delays can increase the cost. Any number of things can do so.

Based on the Sammamish Review article linked above, it sounds like the City Council is pretty much going to bite the bullet and move ahead with a shrug of the shoulders (to mix metaphors).

This project started out as a $64m Taj Mahal. I sure hope it doesn’t have design creep that drives up the cost even more than it is coming out of the box.

1 thought on “Highest cost estimate on Community Center a big concern

  1. It is my understanding that in answering a direct question from the city council, ( actually only one member) to member of the “Y” associated with this project that their conclusion was that it could be brought in at the $30-million, and in time. Yet we are presented with a council, and city manager hell-bent on pursuing this chimera with it +4 million dollar overerun. Why are we contemplating electing or reelecting the same perps over and over to constantly put us in this sort of a pickle.

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