Become a Party of Interest in the Issaquah/Ecology permit application

I have learned from the Department of Ecology that it intends to issue its Draft Permit to Issaquah for the right to inject storm water into the so-called LRIG by the end of June. There will be a 30 day comment period from then.

I’ve written several posts expressing grave concern over Issaquah’s plan and Ecology’s intention to allow this. The Lower Reid Infiltration Galley, or LRIG, over an aquifer from which the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District draws water that serves parts of Issaquah, all of Klahanie and parts of unincorporated King County, and three quarters of our city, Sammamish (basically all but the far north end).

Tests have shown in the past high concentrations of fecal coliform (bird and other poop) penetrated past the LRIG and infiltrated into the aquifer. Ecology shut down the LRIG infiltration in 2009 but is prepared to let Issaquah resume this shortly.

It’s important that citizens of Sammamish (and of Klahanie and all areas, for that matter, including Providence Point and Overdale in Issaquah) weigh in on this permit.

By becoming a Party of Interest, you will be notified when the Draft Permit is issued and will therefore be able to comment as part of the official record.

To become a Party of Interest, email Cheryl Thompson at Ecology at

Check out my previous posts for more information on these issues.

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