“YSoHigh” weighs in on Community Center

An organization called YSoHigh has weighed in on the proposed public-private partnership between the YMCA and the City of Sammamish.

This website publishes a number of citizens who support this group and it offers an alternative proposal.

This sign is on SE 228th at SE 4th. The website has detailed information.

The Yes for the Community Center website is here.

5 thoughts on ““YSoHigh” weighs in on Community Center

  1. I am a strong supporter of the proposed Sammamish Community & Aquatic Center. It is a win-win for the entire community. Here are my reasons why!

    1. Over 15,000 under 18 youth in Sammamish will be well served by this Community & Aquatic Center. There will be 3 High Schools and 2 Junior Highs within 2 miles – walking distance!

    2. You want to kick-start City Center? Then vote yes and put a steady stream of potential customers in the center of it with a good start on infrastructure…a 300 stall parking lot and a loop road.

    3. Read my lips – NO NEW TAXES! Paid for with reserve funds (leaving an estimated $17M at end of 2014) and an agreement with YMCA to cover operation expense from revenue (in progress) this is as close to free as one can get!

    4. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – $5 million from the YMCA for construction (plus all equipment and furniture as well as start up

    5. Kids need more playgrounds – no doubt. They also need more ball courts and swim opportunities. Leveraging $12 – 14M from reserves already earmarked for parks is a great way to provide more opportunities for kids!

    6. This Community & Aquatic Center is a great compromise. No new taxes for the Tea-party. Families, seniors, kids get gyms, fitness, and spa.
    City Center gets a kick start on infrastructure with park with parking and loop road. Best of all the Community of Sammamish gets a Community Center for all to share.

    I grew up in a small town in Wyoming in a community pool and I’d like to grow old in a great city in Washington with the same!

    Anthony ‘Ace’ Evans

  2. I’m really confused by that sign. Is the city of Sammamish giving the building to the YMCA? I don’t think so. The building will be owned by the city of Sammamish, therefore it is not a gift to the YMCA.

  3. I’m confused by the sign too… let’s see, someone wants to start a business and you need a building, the City, not the taxpayers, builds a building – you pay 5 million and the City puts up 25 million. Every city in Seattle has done this, right?

    Sounds like a fair deal to me. The other businesses that paid for the building and the taxpayers didn’t ? Too bad, they’re probably rich and didn’t pay their fair share anyway.

    Those pain in the neck right-wingers and tea party fanatics who complain about the City spending City Money – terrible. After all, it’s their money, they earned it and they can spend it any way they see fit. Since the City has 17 million left, why not use that to build a bigger pool, this way more people can ‘grow up in a pool’ and it will be an even greater City. The City might even have an opening for an Activity Center Administrative Manager and an Assistant Activity Center Adminstrative Manager to help stimulate City economic growth and generate more City money.

    That’s how it works, right? That’s why it’s put to a vote. During the last election about 25% of the engaged citizens voted. It will pass no doubt because it’s free and most of the citizens of the City could care less how taxpayer money is spent.

  4. I’m really confused as to why so many people are arguing the fact that this is a gift. IT IS A GIFT! The fact is the city is spending 25 million dollars, plus their land to build a facility for the YMCA to operate their business. The YMCA gets to put their name all over the building and make all operating and management decisions as they see fit. How easy is that?! Sounds like a cakewalk and huge gift to me!
    The fact of the matter is, the city does not want to operate a city run community center because, historically they are not profitable and oftentimes end up being sold to the private sector. The city officials are sure to give the YMCA free-rein over their day-to-day operations, programs they offer, cost of membership, etc. This day in age it shocks me that people even believe in the word “FREE”. Nothing comes 100% “free”! It’s a reality that someone always pays! In this case, it’s the taxpayers. The taxpayers will continue to pay for this facility for as long as it stands. All buildings and “investments” must be maintained right? The YMCA is short on cash and the reason the city is giving away our money is because the YMCA cannot afford to spend the money to build AND operate on their own. So if they city still “owns” the building they will also raise taxes to pay for maintenance.

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