Advisory election for Sammamish Community Center is a dumb idea

The idea of having a “non-binding advisory vote” for the Sammamish Community Center is unnecessary and a waste of time and money.

The City Staff and City Council have studied this thing to death. There have been numerous public meetings. Money and time has been spent on professional consultants. Let’s get on with the decision-making. We elect the City Council to make decisions and policy. We don’t need more stalling and needless expense.

If the Council insists on having a vote, at whatever is the cost of doing so, make it mean something by having it binding. Having a non-binding advisory vote is just silly. We already have a Park Commission whose opinions and recommendations are often ignored by City Council. Having a non-binding advisory vote means the prospect is very real that the Council will simply ignore the voters and do what it wants anyway. Save the time and money: show some political courage and backbone and get on with a decision now.

4 thoughts on “Advisory election for Sammamish Community Center is a dumb idea

  1. A truly senseless idea on the part of the council.
    It is a spineless act and one that will come back to bite the this council.
    They have shown that kicking the can down the road is not solution to a problem. In fact, they have reduced their body to a mindless rubber stamp of the machinations of the city mismanager who is going to determine the course of action in conjunction (dare I say cabal) with the YMCA, which stands to profit handily with the boost from public monies and to the detriment of private entreprise.

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