Regency screws Ace Hardware

By now, many of you have heard that Regency, the owner of the Sammamish Highlands (Safeway complex), has screwed Ace Hardware, notifying owner Tim Koch that his lease won’t be renewed. He’s been in business here 20 years.

There is a Facebook page for Save our Ace.

Regency also owns much of the Issaquah Highlands and recently asked Issaquah for $3 million to fund changes there.

Regency is an arrogant organization, charging high pricing for the space at the Sammamish Highlands and the Pine Lake Center, which it also owns.

I don’t know that calling and emailing Regency will do much good–it has a monopoly on space here and unlike the consumer protest that rose up in arms against Bank of America over its debit card fees, Koch has little option going elsewhere. But here is the Regency contact:

Kalin Berger


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