Final City Council results

Well, almost. They won’t be completely counted until the end of today but this is, for all practical purposes, “it.” The City had a 52% turn-out, better than some other cities and worse than others. This is about normal for an off-year election for Sammamish.

One interesting note: the drop off from the top of the ballot (Whitten-Richardson) to the bottom (Vance-Bornfreund) was 6%. This is an unusually high number. Typically this ranges around 2%. The drop off is indicative of voters not wanting to vote for either candidate.

In the Valderrama-Wasnick race, the results were nearly in line with my prediction: that the 24% primary vote gained by John Galvin would pretty much evenly split between Valderrama (46%) and Wasnick (26%). It wasn’t quite 50-50 but it was very close. As I told a couple of interested parties, the math simply didn’t work for Wasnick. He had to win 24% plus one vote to win while Valderrama only had to gain 4% plus one. The strategy by some Wasnick supporters that 100% of Galvin’s vote would shift to Wasnick simply was fantasy land.

The final results were also very close to those on Election Night, as I also projected.

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 14068 / 27117 51.88%
Council Position No. 2
Nancy Whitten 6485 53.84%
Kathy Richardson 5529 45.90%
Write-in 31 0.26%
Council Position No. 4
Ramiro Valderrama 6646 56.56%
Jim Wasnick 5076 43.20%
Write-in 29 0.25%
Council Position No. 6
Jesse Bornfreund 3622 31.91%
Tom Vance 7681 67.67%
Write-in 48 0.42%

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