I-976 $30 car tabs win in Sammamish; Council precinct analysis

Sammamish voters approved I-976, the $30 car tab fee, by a margin of 54%-46% in election night precinct tabluations.

King County Elections released the Nov. 5 election night precinct-by-precinct votes on Nov. 8. The Election Night percentages typically vary from the final tally by no more than 1%-2%. Between Tuesday and Friday, percentages in the city council races varied by fractions of a percent.

Sound Transit’s funding scheme, relying heavily on car tab fees, was the prime target of Tim Eyman’s initiative. Sound Transit car tab fees use an inflated, outdated car valuation schedule that results in hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars more in fees than using a Kelly Blue Book value.

The Sammamish voters in the 5th Legislative District—the greater Klahanie area—approved the $30 tab fee by the narrow margin of 50.5% to 49.5%. The 5th is closest to the Issaquah Highlands Park & Ride, where Sound Transit provides frequent service.

The Sammamish voters in the 41st Legislative District—basically the southern half of the city south of SE 8th St.—approved I-976 by a 55.8%-44.2% vote.

The Sammamish voters in the 45th Legislative District—north of SE 8th—approved I-975 53%-47%.

Final results may alter these percentages slightly.

Precinct Results in City Council races

The same Election Night precinct results show the trio of Christie Malchow, Kent Treen and Ken Gamblin (the “M3”) won or lead in nearly every precinct in the city.

Leads in some cases are fewer than five votes and may change with the final results, available Nov. 26.

5th LD

The M3 swept the Greater Klahanie area, with Treen trailing the only precinct, 3306, (by two votes). The M3 lead in some precincts by five votes or less.

41st LD

The M3 lead every precinct.

45th LD

Malchow leads in every precinct.

Treen and Howe tied in two, 3213 and 3217.

Treen trails in 3298, by two, 3505 by 15 and 3722 by one.

Indapure leads in 3722, by one vote (there were only nine votes cast in this precinct).


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