Indapure jumps to early, big lead in fund raising

Sammamish City Council Position 6 candidate Rituja Indapure jump to an early and big lead in fund raising, according to reports filed through Wednesday with the Washington Public Disclosure Commission.

Indapure raised nearly $18,300 from 87 contributions. Fifty-six percent of the contributors come from within Sammamish.

Karen McKnight, candidate for Position 2 opposing incumbent Christie Malchow, is a distance second fund raiser, with $3,641 listed in her PDC filing.

Malchow is fourth at $1,910. Kent Treen, running for Position 4, is third, with $2,100 in contributions.

The others haven’t reported raising any money yet.

Position 2

Christie Malchow

Malchow’s contributions are all $250 or less and only one comes from outside Sammamish, from Issaquah. Former Mayor and Council Member Tom Odell, and his wife, each gave $250.

Karen McKnight

McKnight is president of the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce and a real estate agent. The Washington Association of Realtors is the largest contributor, for $1,000. McKnight has made 15 contributions, all under $250, and all except one in-kind. This typically represents expenditures.

Current Council Member Jason Ritchie, who is also on the Chamber board, gave $100, as did Alan Finkelstein, also a chamber board member.

Position 4

Karen Howe

No contributions reported. Howe ran for council in 2017. She raised about $6,000 to the August primary then. She survived that primary but lost to Karen Moran, who is now deputy mayor, in the general election.

Kent Treen

Treen contributed $2,000 to his own campaign. Another $100 was donated from a Barbara Wilson from Kirkland.

Position 6

Ken Gamblin

Gamblin failed to file any required PDC documents until June 9 and did not file his C1 and C3 candidacy and contributions reports until queried by Sammamish Comment. As of June 12, there was nothing to report.

Rituja Inadpure

Some contributions listed as coming from Issaquah residents may, in fact, be from the greater Klahanie area, which still uses an Issaquah postal address and zip code. If so, the 56% increases somewhat.

The largest contributions came from Tameem Ansari of Redmond, who gave $2,000 for the primary and general elections. As it turns out, Indapure doesn’t face a race in the August primary. Only one candidate, Ken Gamblin, filed for the same Position 6 seat now held by Tom Hornish, who is not seeking reelection. Because only two candidates filed, they go straight to the November general election.

IUPAT Political Action Together PAC, Rajesh Korde and OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund each gave $1,000.

IUPAT is the union of International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.

The OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund “works to elect candidates from immigrant and refugee communities,” according to its website.

Former City Council Member Kathy Huckabay gave $500. Former Mayor and Council Member Don Gerend donated $100. Wives of two former council members donated to her campaign.

Tim Larson, the former communications manager for the city, also donated $100.

Indapure, who already has been endorsed by a number of Democrats and Democratic groups, receive $417 in in-kind contributions from the Washington State Democrats.

Indapure’s fund raising and early lead mimics her 2017 race in which she raised nearly $25,000 by the August primary. She and Chris Ross advanced to the general election, which Ross won.

4 thoughts on “Indapure jumps to early, big lead in fund raising

  1. Where did the other 44% come from? Developers? (Not that I’m paranoid, but…). Honestly, I don’t know where she stands on further development in our area; I would be pleased to know.

    • @John: The 44% came from individuals. Had anything come from something like the Master Builders Assn, or Washington Realtors, I would have mentioned it, as I did for Karen McKnight.

  2. Kind of makes you want to drop the pretense and just auction off the Council seats to the highest bidders.

    Understanding how dollars translate to votes makes for an interesting thought experiment.

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