City Manager Finalists Announced, Public Reception Scheduled

By Miki Mullor

  • Six finalists selected for a final round of interviews.
  • A public reception is scheduled for Friday, March 15, 6:30 pm at City Hall.
  • A full panel interviews by the Council is scheduled for Sunday, March 17, 3 pm.

The Sammamish City Council has identified six finalists in the search for a new city manager. Current Interim City Manager Larry Patterson is leaving after running the day-to-day operations in the city on an interim basis for the past six months.

The finalists are listed below in alphabetical order; please click on their name to see candidate-supplied bios.

The finalists will attend a public reception at City Hall on Friday, March 15 at 6:30 PM, to give interested members of the public an opportunity to meet them.

On Sunday at 3 PM, the finalists will do panel interviews with the full Council. The full Council interviews will be open to the public and recorded.

In a Council-Manager form of government, the city manager provides policy advice, directs the daily operations of city government, handles personnel functions (including the power to appoint and remove employees) and is responsible for preparing the city budget.

Under the council-manager statutes, the city council is prohibited from interfering with the manager’s administration. The city manager, however, is directly accountable to and can be removed by a majority vote of the council at any time.

The council-manager form is based on the model of a business with a board of directors that appoints a chief executive officer.

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2 thoughts on “City Manager Finalists Announced, Public Reception Scheduled

  1. Thank you for posting the names of the candidates. Does anyone know what the council is looking for in a new manager for the city. I was under the impression the former manager was doing an excellent job of running the city. What went wrong? I have not read about why we are in need of a new manager or what a new manager is expected to bring that the former did not provide. Thx

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