BREAKING NEWS: City Manager Lyman Howard separates from the city

City council approves a separation agreement with City Manager Lyman Howard.  Glenn Akramoff, Director of Organizational Development, was named acting city manager.

Separation date is August 1st.

more details to come.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: City Manager Lyman Howard separates from the city

  1. The city council owes its residents an explanation. Why did they think he needed to be fired? Why did they provide a payout? How much was the payout?

    There was zero public debate, no public comment, and no transparency at all. Certainly some of this needed to take place in executive session, but not all of it. I can think of a number of reasons why Mr. Howard should have been fired, but I can’t read the minds of the councilmembers on their thinking. They absolutely owe the electorate answers on this.

    I’m sure Christie Malchow will go onto Facebook after the meeting and feed a few words that the Sammamish Facebook Mob Local 618 will get all sanctimonious about. That’s not enough – informal Facebook posts about something as serious as the termination of the City Manager wreaks of amateurism. Right now it feels like the Keystone Cops are running the show at 801 228th Ave SE.

    I don’t agree with Pam Stuart’s politics but she is absolutely right that this looks really, really unprofessional and reflects very poorly on the current council.

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