“Sammamish Watch” launched on Facebook

Miki Mullor

A new watchdog group to follow Sammamish government has been formed by controversial Miki Mullor.

Sammamish Watch is a “closed” group for Sammamish residents only (although Sammamish Comment, written from Bainbridge Island, was invited to join). The Watch’s tag line is “Fighting for our city.”

“All my new materials will go there,” Mullor wrote The Comment.  “We will use it to support the City Council with real time research. No more overwhelming these guys with tons of complex stuff.”

Traffic concurrency

Mullor came to prominence when he presented a study in June that raised questions about the City’s traffic concurrency model.

Initially denounced by City Hall, information later emerged that, while some of Mullor’s conclusions and information  were flawed, the underlying thesis was correct: staff had ignored policy and manipulated some data.

The City Council later declared traffic to be the “No. 1 priority” in Sammamish and still later declared an emergency building moratorium while the flaws are sorted out and potentially an overhaul in the concurrency model is undertaken. The six month moratorium was adopted last month.

Controversial style

Mullor had been posting on Facebook, principally under the Save Sammamish group. His controversial style was off=putting to some members of the group. With the City Council election occurring this year (it’s next Tuesday, so remember to vote), Mullor wrote a lot about his view of the candidates, including especially harsh assessments of candidate Pam Stuart, whom he does not support.

His political comments added to his controversial image. They also were outside the published objectives of the Save Sammamish administrator.

Sammamish Watch will tackle controversial issues, including political ones, and serve as a counter to the City Staff, which Mullor believes hasn’t provided the Council with neutral, unbiased information.

4 thoughts on ““Sammamish Watch” launched on Facebook

  1. I’m disappointed that Mullor has decided to break away from the Save Sammamish group. We valued his information. It was the aggressive editorializing that came with it that people objected to (including me). Present the facts, without an agenda (and he clearly had one against Stuart), without bias. Let others draw their own conclusions.

  2. If Mr. Mullor’s intention is open dialog with Sammamish residents and administration, then it’s a shame he’s chosen Facebook as his platform. There are many who choose not to have an account due to their controversial, highly-invasive data collection practices. Further, I’d caution anyone against relying too heavily on FB as a channel for “news” or information, particularly following the troubling revelations about how the channel was manipulated to influence public opinion during the 2016 elections. I’d say FB much more closely resembles a public bully-pulpit and echo chamber these days, as opposed to a tool for honest, open and productive dialog.

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