Karen Moran to seek Council seat

Karen Moran

Karen Moran, one of the key people involved in the incorporation of Sammamish, will seek election to the City Council.

Moran is currently a commissioner for Sammamish Plateau Water, in mid-term.

In a press release, Moran said:

“Sammamish is a bedroom community that is growing faster than our infrastructure can handle.  While this is a regional problem, Sammamish needs a plan to enable us address the impacts within the City.  What is coming in the new Town Center will bring many new residents and businesses to our city.  We need to infrastructure in place to handle this new load, and that infrastructure must be implemented currently with this new growth.”

Moran added that, “Sammamish is going to have some tough choices to make. To meet the challenges, transparency in government is a must, and citizens’ opinions and concerns must be solicited and addressed in a timely fashion.

“We live in a beautiful area and we all need to work together to preserve what we can so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.  This will only be accomplished by a community working together.”

Moran told Sammamish Comment she is undecided whether she retains her water commission seat if elected to the City Council.

She did not declare which City Council seat she will seek.

Moran sought election to the City Council twice before, in 2003 and 2007, losing to incumbents Nancy Whitten (55%-45%) and Michele Petitti (53%-46%).



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