County sues Sammamish over Lake Trail

City_of_SammamishKing County sued Sammamish Jan. 3 over a determination by the City that the County’s clearing and grading permit application for development of Section 2B of the East Lake Sammamish Trail is incomplete.

The County asks King County Superior Court for a declaratory judgment that the application is complete and vested to rules in place Nov. 16. Companion permit applications were deemed complete then by the City. The County also asks for unspecified damages.

This is the latest in long-running disputes between the County, City and residents along the trail.

Some residents who appeared before the Sammamish City Council last Tuesday complained that the County plans to clear and grade not just nuisance plants but established magnolias and other trees. Some also said the County plans to grade out some “ditches.”

The latter is an ironic point. The County used the presence of “ditches,” which it characterized as associated wetlands, as arguments to avoid shifting the location of the southern portion of the trail, Section 2A, to save some trees.

In its lawsuit, the County claims Sammamish is “arbitrary and capricious” in denying the clearing and grading permit. Delaying approval will result in costly delays and may require costly redesign, the lawsuit says.

The County asked the Court to declare the permit application complete and award damages from the City.

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