41st Legislative District Endorsements: Litzow, Clibborn, Senn

The 41st Legislative District covers the southern half of Sammamish (except for the greater Klahanie area, which is in the 5th). The line roughly follows SE 8th Street.

The Senate and two House seats are up for election this year.

State Senate

Steve Litzow, the Republican from Mercer Island, is the incumbent. He is challenged by Democrat Lisa Wellman, who eeked out a 456 victory over him in the Primary in a three-way race. Litzow deserves reelection.

Litzow is a moderate Republican who has proved thoughtful in his years in the Legislature.

This year, Litzow also proved he has courage. He came out early and strongly against Donald Trump, the party’s presidential candidate who is perhaps the most dangerous, unfit and irresponsible candidate to seek the presidency since the late Gov. George Wallace ran as an independent in 1968.

Litzow was quick to denounce Trump. He was quick to say he wouldn’t support or endorse Trump. He was quick to say he wouldn’t vote for him. There was no political tap-dancing. No equivocation. No hiding behind “I am focused on my election.” No wiggle room in his words.

This profile in courage is rare in today’s politics. Litzow deserves to be returned to his Senate seat.

Position 1

Incumbent Democrat Tana Senn, a relative newcomer to the Legislature, is opposed by Republican John Pass. Senn earned another term. Pass hasn’t made a case why Senn should be turned out.

Position 2

Incumbent Democrat Judy Clibborn is opposed by Republican Michael Applebee. Clibborn deserves to return to Olympia. A true expert on road transportation issues, Clibborn, as chair of the Transportation Committee, helped steer through the House difficult funding packages that included higher gas taxes. As much as people dislike these, the roads and bridges in Washington–and especially around Puget Sound–need repair and expansion. (Note to Clibborn: drive East of Mercer Island on I-90; the road is like a roller-coaster.)


1 thought on “41st Legislative District Endorsements: Litzow, Clibborn, Senn

  1. Litzow lost his endorsements from women’s rights groups for a reason. His votes on Equal Pay and Gender Parity for Healthcare were despicable. He votes almost 100% with the republican caucus. Not such a profile in courage there, in my opinion.

    He gets points for having the courage to denounce Herr Stubbyfinger.. but really, that’s a much lower bar to cross than having a consistent track record of supporting equal rights.

    I’m going with Lisa Wellman on this one. She has the endorsements of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, SEIU, Planned Parenthood, and of course The Stranger.

    It’s almost over!

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