Buchan sues Sammamish for damages, overturn of Chestnut Estates West denial

William E Buchan Inc. filed a lawsuit Aug. 13 in King County Superior Court seeking to overturn a Sammamish Hearing Examiner’s decision denying a plat application for Chestnut Estates West.

Buchan previously filed an appeal of the decision.

This new action alleges Sammamish abused its “policing” powers, which in this context means its regulatory authority; that it took way too long to process the application, which is supposed to happen within 120 days; and a host of other allegations identical to the administrative appeal in which Buchan claimed the Hearing Examiner overstepped his authority, drew incorrect conclusions of law and just plain got it wrong.

The Buchan complaint is here: Summons on Complaint – William E. Buchan, Inc.

In addition to asking the court to overturn the Hearing Examiner’s denial, Buchan seeks unspecified damages from the City.

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