Second ground breaking for Town Center is Monday

The second ground breaking for development of the Sammamish Town Center is Monday, July 20, at 10am. This one is for the prime commercial development, at the corner of SE 4th and 228th Av e. SE (the former “Caboose” property).

Groundbreaking for the mixed use development across the street occurred some months ago and excavation is well underway.

The Village, where the Metropolitan Market will be the commercial anchor for the Sammamish Town Center. Click on image to enlarge.

The commercial development is anchored by the Metropolitan Market.  “The 115,000 square foot project will have medical offices, a yet to be announced restaurant and 159 Apartment units and ample parking for 383 vehicles,” the City says in an event notice.        “This project marks the seventh location and first new construction from the ground up for Metropolitan Market, a Seattle-based grocery store known for offering the highest quality products since 1971.”

The Town Center was the work of five council-appointed citizen committees or commissions comprised of some 70 residents, plus the City staff and overseen by City Councils since 2005.

Total development can be up to 600,000 ft of office/retail space and 2,500 residential units on both sides of 228th Ave.

Development was delayed by the Global Recession of 2008 that dried up capital and stalled the construction industry for many years. Once capital began to become available, many stalled projects were put first by developers for completion. Once these were well on their way, new projects–like those in the Town Center–began  gaining interest.

The Town Center was designed by the citizens and commissions to have a mix of commercial, office, retail and residences, combined with gathering places for workers and residents from across the City; and to reduce the need to drive off the Plateau for goods and services.


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