No Klahanie vote update today; Friday’s rejection lead stands

The King County website is down (at 4pm), so I called the Elections department to get an update on the Klahanie vote.

I was told there wasn’t going to be an update today anyway because so few ballots had been received to count; this is county-wide, but obviously has application to the Klahanie vote.

So we are left with Friday’s results, where the “Against Annexation” is leading “For Annexation” by 34 votes.

This also suggests there are no appreciable ballots left to be received (unless there is a flood of votes from the military service personnel overseas who are focused on the annexation issue).

Thus, as I did on Friday, I continue to “call” the election: the Klahanie annexation to Issaquah was rejected.

The result is outside the automatic recount. Issaquah could pay for a recount, but I see little point in doing so.

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