Civilized Nature to move to Issaquah Highlands

Civilized Nature will be moving to Issaquah Highlands around next fall.

I previously wrote how this locally-owned pet store will be the next victim of Regency’s drive to nationalize the Sammamish Highlands shopping center with the addition of Petco. I’ve learned from Nature that the local Regency rep actually went to bat with Corporate to make a move to Issaquah Highlands possible.

Petco is planned to open around June; Nature hopes it can survive the overlap until its own lease expires.

1 thought on “Civilized Nature to move to Issaquah Highlands

  1. The highlands location is quite a bone Regency is throwing. Sandwiched between the downtown Issaquah Petco and the Pet Pros in Klahanie, hmm….. They’ll own the massive Issaquah Highlands community for sure. The folks in Preston will have a hard decision to make. Since Front Street in Issaquah is a tough stretch, some of the folks out the Issaquah/Hobart road could calculate that the highlands is easier to get to…

    Sure, if Regency gives them free rent that could work.

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