Schools should help pay for pool

The Redmond City Council proposed to our City Council that they join and create a new taxing district to build a swimming pool. The details are in this Sammamish Review article.

Let’s see: new taxes for a park district. May Don Gerend wants to increase the Real Estate Excise Tax by one-quarter percent; and the City will likely need to impose a utility tax to either balance the budget in a few years or pay for its contribution to the Town Center infrastructure.

Here’s an idea: why not have the Lake Washington and Issaquah School districts and the Eastside Catholic High School contribute to the capital costs and on-going maintenance of a pool? Their students need an Olympic size pool for swim team competition. They now have to rent facilities outside the city and drive to get there.

We all know that a pool alone requires subsidies. A pool needs to be part of an integrated recreation center to pay its own way. A non-profit organization in Pt. Townsend has the right idea. It also has a feasibility study.

Our city needs an integrated rec center with swimming pool. It doesn’t need to be half way to Redmond. And we don’t need yet another taxing district.

1 thought on “Schools should help pay for pool

  1. It would be possible to get the school districts to pay for the capitalization….would have to be in the next running of a bond or capital levy. Of course it would getting agreement that they even want a pool, which I don’t think the school districts really want.

    But on-going maintenance wouldn’t fly at all. This would mean additional operating costs that the school districts just don’t have…unless the operating costs are less then the rental fees (which I doubt)

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