Galvin supported 45,000 sf for his quadrant, praised plan

John Galvin, one of the landowners in the Town Center’s Southeast Quadrant who is asking for a 2 million square feet upzoning for the entire Town Center and 300,000 sf in his quadrant, supported the “preferred alternative” approved by the 2007 City Council–which provided for 45,000 sf of commercial space in his quadrant.

Galvin also praised the five year process that led to the Preferred Alternative.

The 2007 Planning Commission sent its recommendations for the Town Center to the City Council in March 2008, suggesting that all commercial be placed on the West Side of 228th–a decision consistent with that of several other citizen groups.

In a letter April 9, 2008, to The Sammamish Review, Galvin criticized the Commission’s recommendation that “threw out the outcome of that process and substituted their own plan….”

The process, Galvin noted, was a five year, $1 million planning process.

Galvin went on to criticize specific elements of the Commission’s recommendation. He concluded his letter with:

“Let’s get back to the preferred alternative. Let’s begin developing a Town Center, a vibrant, beautiful, useful Town Center.” In other words, the Preferred Alternative that allocated his SE Quadrant 45,000 sf.

The City Council did him one better, doubling the amount of commercial space in his quadrant to 90,000.

Never one to be satisfied, Galvin’s record of complaining and insulting people is well documented in letters to the editor and in city records. He now wants 300,000 sf for his quadrant, 6.66 times the amount his supported less than two years ago, and 2 million sf for the entire Town Center, 4.44 times the amount approved by the Council in the 2007 Preferred Alternative–and 3.3 times the amount the Council approved in 2008.

3 thoughts on “Galvin supported 45,000 sf for his quadrant, praised plan

  1. I find it very disturbing that the City Council would even consider such a gross miscarriage of justice. The City established an open and progressive process for planning Town Center and responsible growth for Sammamish. To vacate that process now based on Galvin’s request is to make a mockery of of the City’s so-called open, participatory planning process.
    For me personally, any expansion of Town Center is absolutely unacceptable due to its probable impact on my Ebright Creek, the endangered Lake Sammamish kokanee and my property in particular. I live on Ebright Creek at the Parkway and have had my basement flooded on three occasions. Any expansion of Town Center will increase the risk to me and my property and put in jeopardy efforts being made by the City, County and State to protect and restore the Lake Sammamish kokanee . The proposed increased density of Town Center will increase the externalization of development costs on me and the citizens of Sammamish; and is illegal, morally wrong and should be totally rejected. Sincerely, Wally Pereyra, 148 E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE

  2. Wally – I fully agree and will go a few steps further. The existing Town Center plan will, as a minimum, a) increase your flooding duration if not the level and frequency, b) increase erosion in designated highly errosive areas and c) decrease fish supporting nutrients. It is a false notion that the existing surface water design manual engineers away all impacts. These “zero” impacts are seen on my property, this neighborhood and as dead trees around nearly all ponds in the area.

  3. The city needs more money from somwhere to stay in the black. BFD, this nation is not in the black, why should the city? These are scare tactics. I hear the Town Center could be the size of Redmond town center. TWF! Can you imagine the Redmond Town Center in the area where the Sammamish Town Center is proposed to go? What is your reaction to that vision? According to Sammamish’s vision statement:

    “The vision of Sammamish is a community of families. A blend of small-town atmosphere with a suburban character, the city also enjoys a unique core of urban lifestyles and conveniences. It is characterized by quality neighborhoods, vibrant natural features, and outstanding recreational opportunities. A variety of community gathering places provide numerous civic, cultural, and educational opportunities. Residents are actively involved in the decisions that shape the community and ensure a special sense of place.”

    I’d like to see the plan for the Sammamish Town Center and approve how it fosters the above.

    In other words, can the a town center exist that “maintains a small-town atmosphere”… and “Preserve trees and green ways by encouraging the preservation or development of large areas of greenery.” How can a town center “Protect and enhance streams, wetlands and wildlife corridors?”

    The city can, it’s own words, “encourage active, involved citizens. The city can also listen to its citizens.

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