BREAKING NEWS: Moran resigns from city council

By Miki Mullor

Council member Karen Moran has resigned from the Sammamish City Council effective June 15. Moran was first elected to city council on November 2017, served as a mayor in 2020-2021 and was re-elected in November 2021 for a second term, with over 75% of the vote.

Karen Moran

This is the second resignation this week and third this year, following Christie Malchow’s resignation yesterday and Ken Gamblin’s resignation in January.

Moran has been a resident of Sammamish since 1986 and was part of the movement to incorporate the city in the late 90s – her signature is on the incorporation papers for Sammamish. She also served on the Planning Commission and was a commissioner on the board of the Sammamish Water Plateau, among many other community involvements she lists in her resignation letter.

“[T]he vision that King County and the current Council majority have for our future
is not one that I can be party to. I have fought for decades for concurrency in infrastructure. Not
making development impossible but planning to ensure that services are in place BEFORE all
the new residents appear.” – says Moran in her resignation letter.

Moran lists several issues that were reversed once a new majority was formed with the appointment of council member Pam Stuart by King County Council to Ken Gamblin’s vacant seat.

Moran was the driving force behind the enactment of the Volume over Capacity concurrency methodology which threatened to pause development in Sammamish, as we covered here:

Moran’s resignation letter:

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